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HIV Equal Campaign 2015 Annual Report



HIV Equal Campaign 2015 Annual Report: 
70% of Participants Aged 13-24 Never Before Tested for HIV

HIV Equal today released its campaign’s 2015 annual report. The findings are related solely to the campaign and its reach to the communities it has serviced alongside local AIDS Service Organizations (ASOs) and partners throughout the year. With a mission consistent with data from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the campaign has focused on the highest at-risk communities of gay men aged 13-24, while also honing in on areas of the U.S. where HIV infection rates have spiked. 

Since 2013, the social media campaign and photo initiative has tested more than 1,555 people and helped to end the stigma in communities across the United States. Nearly 2,000 people have photographed for the campaign and showed their support for people living with HIV (PLWHA) through social media.

The campaign held 18 events in 2015, eight of which were in Connecticut, the campaign’s home state. Some of the findings included the following statistics:


  • 2 out of every 5 HIV Equal participants never before tested for HIV
  • 12.2 % of all participants who tested were 19 years old or younger
  • 25% of male participants aged 13-24 were in the highest at-risk minority populations
  • 70 % of HIV Equal participants who never before tested were in the same age group, and
  • 7% of HIV Equal campaign participants identified as transgender


The transgender community has also been a priority for the HIV Equal team. The campaign teamed up with CIRCLE CARE Center ( and Triangle Community Center ( to host the first-ever “Celebrating Transgender Self-Care” event in Fairfield County. The event highlighted transgender wellness, and featured a panel, HIV testing and interactive activities.

The HIV Equal campaign will continue its work and will enhance its efforts in 2016, partnering with ASOs and HIV/AIDS organizations to eliminate all aspects of HIV stigma and to get people tested in communities across the U.S. The campaign’s complementary news source, HIV Equal Online, continues to provide up-to-date, breaking and original content that is shared globally.

 To learn more about HIV Equal, please visit or call 203.939.9408. You can also follow the campaign on Facebook (, Twitter (, Pinterest ( and on Instagram (