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What Do You Really Look Like? The 7 Guys You Might Meet on Social Apps

Tags: Opinion

  Sometimes guys send through photos of themselves that are not entirely accurate. Having had my share of experiences with these types of people, I’ve come to realize that guys do this for various reasons.

If the person you are texting sends either a blurry picture or an image of themselves wearing large sunglasses or a hat, they’re most likely hiding something. They could be bald, goofy-looking, etc… There’s nothing wrong with what anyone looks like, but people have their own insecurities and they make things worse by hiding who they really are.

Also, if a person sends you several pictures, one right after the other, he is most likely going to look like the worst one. I don’t know why guys send pictures of themselves when they were younger, or why they send photoshopped pics. When they eventually end up meeting the person on the other end of the conversation, they get hurt. It's best just to be honest because there is someone out there for everyone.

Below is a slideshow of some reasons why guys refuse to post their face pictures to social apps and why they may send you awkward, mysterious or even a plethora of photos:

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    1. The Insecure Guy

    Guys sometimes feel that they aren’t good-looking enough to post their picture to an app that may already be full of people who judge a person before getting to know them. Or they feel like their looks aren’t what they used to be so they send a hundred photos that includes only a handful of what they “really” look like.

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    2. The Discreet Guy

    They are closeted or on the down low (DL). They don’t want their friends to see that they are gay. They would rather just meet up, have their fun, and be on their way. Some guys are even afraid of losing their employment if they’re found to be cruising on gay hookup/meetup apps.

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    3. The Cheater

    Cheating on their boyfriends. Some guys are already in a relationship but they want more. So to hide from the boyfriend’s friends, he will hide his face.

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    4. The Guy Who Doesn't Want To Be Judged/Labeled

    This guy isn't necessarily a guy with bad intentions. He just doesn’t want to get judged… Some guys are tired of the people who call them sluts or whores because they are on the apps. (But these are usually the guys who will send a picture if you ask.)

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    5. The Self-Deprecating Ageist

    Sometimes guys are ashamed of their age, or just have a Peter Pan complex, so they’ll send through photos of themselves from a decade ago to seem appealing to a younger prospect.

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    6. The Guy Who Fears Stigma

    Fear of status-based stigma is real, and it's a real issue. Guys will sometimes divulge in their profile that they are HIV-positive, but they won’t include a photo because they don’t want to be known as the “HIV-positive guy.”

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    7. The "Professional" Masseuse

    Some guys will post their body photos and even photos of their genitals, claiming they are professional masseuses or gay-for-pay. This guy will only send you a photo if/when the price is right, or if you submit and give some personal information such as a phone number.