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8 Easy Steps To Get Your 2017 Resolutions Back on Track

Well, it’s that time of year again. Out with the old and in with the new. Each January 1st we vow to make drastic changes in the way we live our lives. We promise to eat healthier, to lose weight, to get more exercise or to quit smoking. We vow to spend more time with those we love and less time with those who bring us down. We pledge each year to be nicer, to work harder and to stop losing our temper in traffic.

We make these promises with the best of intentions, though I’m sure we can agree that most often our expectations are unrealistic. After all, trying to keep these resolutions will require significant time, effort and emotional energy, none of which comes easy when we are oftentimes already so overwhelmed in our daily lives. Remember to keep your head up and to not let anything stand in your way.

One of the most common reasons we’re unsuccessful with New Year’s resolutions is that we’ve never really developed a plan for how to accomplish them. Managing the stress and distress associated with undertaking new goals while living your day-to-day life is no different. Your plan should begin with the affirmation that you deserve to take a break. Self-care is a vital tool for anything in your life. Apply leisurely and repeat.

Here are a few tips on how to incorporate your resolutions into your daily routine to ensure a successful outcome:


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    1. Create a plan.

    Creating a plan based on your resolutions helps you take a step-by-step approach to achieving your goals while also giving you something to look forward to along your path.

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    2. Make an effort to have at least a few minutes of “me” time each day.

    Read a chapter in a book, watch a television show, take a short walk or take a hot bath. Whatever suits you.

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    3. Avoid using alcohol to relax. Or at all.

    Alcohol can be tempting, especially during the holidays or on cold winter days, but it usually creates more problems than it solves. And alcohol has a way of keeping you from doing anything productive. So stay focused on your resolutions and limit or stay away from alcohol.

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    4. Set realistic expectations.

    You can only do so much on your own. Do not view your human limitations as a failure — nothing could be further from the truth. Do what you can and take pride in your efforts.

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    5. Give yourself permission to take a break.

    Taking some time for yourself or leaning on someone’s shoulder doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you a human being.

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    6. Expect Setbacks

    Everything won’t always go as expected, and sometimes things happen that can set us back a few steps. Don’t worry. Remember who that someone was who said, “To err is human.”

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    7. Utilize your support system.

    If someone’s offering to pick up groceries for you or run some errands for you, let them. It will benefit everyone involved. And you’ll have extra time to focus on yourself and your goals!

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    8. Try to get some rest.

    While it can be difficult to sleep when you’re overworked, tired or partying too much, it’s critical to recharge. Doctors suggest anywhere between six to eight hours of sleep per night is enough to keep you in good health. (If you’re partying too much, see Step 3.)