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6 Toxic Habits to Stomp Out in 2016

Screw resolutions, these bad habits need to be put on the fridge, written on the bathroom mirror, and  maybe even tattooed on the back of your hands if that's what it takes. Whether you are HIV-positive or not, these bad habits can keep you from the love, success and happiness in the new year. In 2016, do more than just resolve to be better by losing some weight or quitting smoking. Instead, make a commitment to change the way you act and think so that you finally get what you deserve.

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    Making assumptions about what others think.

    This is probably the hardest, yet most important habit to quit for good. But by stopping the assumptions you constantly make about what other people think, you can completely change your life. Assumptions are just projections of your own insecurities. This year, focus on removing the voices in your head and listen to your own voice instead. 

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    Letting doubt get in the way of your potential.

    It is your life, and you are capable of more than you realize. But if you constantly doubt your abilities, then you are destined for a life of limitations and letdowns. This year, don’t let doubt get in the way of trying something new. And anyway, who cares if it doesn’t work out? It is only failure if you never tried in the first place.

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    Being thankful for someone who gives you a chance.

    No matter what your hang up, be it HIV or otherwise, don’t treat someone as if they did you a favor for giving you a chance. You are valuable and confidence is sexy. Everyone has faults, and yours or no better or worse than the guy or girl whose interest you crave.

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    Hiding your truth from the people who love you.

    This might be hard for some, but if the people in your life do not know the not so pretty parts about you, then you can never know if they love you for real. By revealing your truth to the people you trust, you can be sure that they love and support all of you and not just the parts you are willing to share. This might sound scary at first, but it is the quickest way to improve your life ten fold.

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    Letting fear get in the way of having fun.

    Have you ever wanted to try something but you were too embarrassed about what others think? This year, get over your fears of looking foolish and let yourself have some fun. Go dancing, skinny dipping in the pool, and have sex with the lights on. You have nothing to be scared of and nothing to hide.

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    Regret… Any kind of regret.

    It is a brand new year and nothing you do can change what went down last year. Forgive yourself for all of it, from the smallest of errors to the biggest of blunders, and move on immediately. Some people might try to make you relive your mistakes, but don’t let them. Regret will only keep you in the past, and that is so 2015.