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6 Gruesome Tales of Gay Hook-Ups Gone Wrong

The horror!! The suspense!! The… body fluids?

A hook-up is supposed to be pleasurable. Sex is supposed to make you feel good. But for these six unsuspecting victims, what started as a harmless romp in the sheets turned into a moment of sheer terror that they will never forget.

Gay men looking to get off, beware! These are six gruesome tales of gay hook-ups gone wrong.

The following are true stories, although the names have been changed to protect the victims' chances of getting laid again.

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    It Flowed Like Lava

    When Zane was leaving the bar late at night, he wasn’t going home alone. He had met up with a Grindr interest who he had been chatting back and forth with for awhile. The boy was cute, he was horny, and they were both drunk and eager. Plus, the boy was a novice porn actor, so Zane was curious to see what he could do. But what would happen later that night would make the biggest porn fan swear off masturbation for good.

    “It started out amazing, but it was clear that he was trying to put on a show,” Zane said. “Every time I touched him, he sounded as if he was about to blow his load. It was crazy sex. We did it in the kitchen, on the couch, and at one time, he was holding a chin-up bar with his legs spread. It may sound fun, but it was just exhausting.”

    Finally, they had made it to the bed, where Zane lay on his back and the boy began to ride him. It was then that the acrobatic bottom made a noise he had yet to make.”

    “Uh… uh oh. Hold on a minute,” he said.

    “With all of the noises he was making, this was different,” Zane said. “Then he got off of me and it happened… Looking back, I can’t help but think, ‘Was this guy on antibiotics or something?’”

    Poop. It flowed like lava. It went down Zane’s pelvis and onto the bed. It was a mixture of hard and soft, and it was everywhere. It was like a murder scene, and by the looks of it, Zane had stabbed his victim’s butt to death.

    “He jumped up and ran to the bathroom. He wouldn’t come out, so I slid off the bed and grabbed a towel from his closet. I went into the kitchen and started cleaning myself off in the sink. Once I was clean enough to exit, the boy was still in the bathroom. I grabbed my stuff, knocked on the bathroom door to let him know I was leaving, and I went home. I took six showers that night.”

    And the boy never came out of the bathroom ever again…

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    The Boy Who Could Never Get Enough

    It was just a casual, lazy kind of Tuesday night for Clarence when he decided he wanted to have some fun. After a couple of swipes on his Grindr and a few pics swapped back and forth, he had found a willing bottom that could host.

    “I’m small, but believe it or not I was the top,” Clarence said. “So I went over to this guy’s house to get my fix. He was cute, and I was single, so why not?”

    At first, everything was the business of pleasure as usual. The two didn’t waste time, and soon enough, Clarence was thrusting behind his hook-up who had assumed the doggie position.

    “It was all good and I was doing my thing when I noticed he seemed a little preoccupied. I leaned to the side to see what he was doing up there. That’s when I noticed. This bitch was on Grindr, while we were having sex, looking for his next hook-up.”

    Yes, while Clarence was mid-thrust, the guy was already arranging for his next visitor. It was then realized that Clarence had found himself with the boy who could never get enough.

    “I mean, I know we weren’t dating, but couldn’t he at least be faithful while I was still inside of him?”

    Talk about being unfaithful. 

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    The Steam Room Massacre

    Mario had just finished his workout and was relaxing in the steam room. When a handsome man came in behind him, he thought nothing of it, but he quickly realized that this guy was interested in more than just steam.

    “He sat across from me and start to show me his goods,” Mario said. “Then he started touching himself. I was like, ‘Is this real life? Is it really happening?’ But to be honest, I was totally into it.”

    Unfortunately, they soon had company, and the game of show-and-grab was quickly over. The mysterious man left the steam room and went into the shower. Mario followed him and jumped into the adjacent shower stall. All that separated them now was a piece of foggy glass.

    “It was the kind of glass where you can’t see anything unless you press up against it,” Mario said. “And sure enough, the guy on the other side began pressing his dick up against the glass! So I figured, ‘What the hell.’”

    Mario turned around, spread his cheeks, and bent over.


    Mario bashed his forehead against the shower handle. The blow left his head pounding with stars in his eyes. He quickly jumped out and began to dry off. The man exited as well, so Mario trying to brush it off and turn the sex up once again. He looked over with his best attempt at looking sexy and the two hornbirds locked eyes. But the man’s expression quickly turned from desire to disgust.

    Blood! Blood was gushing from Mario’s face. The man took one horrified look and bolted.

    “I was in shock. I touched my forehead and all I saw was red. I left as fast as I could and I never saw him again.”

    Who knew that gym sex could be so… gory?

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    You Broke it!

    It was a Saturday night when Brock finally finished his last bit of research for his dissertation. It had been a grueling process, and he was ready to let off some steam. For the past few months, he hadn’t thought about anything else besides his studies, and he had never been hornier.

    “There was a guy who I had been interested in for a long time but just hadn’t found the time for,” Brock said. “ We texted a bit, but I literally couldn’t spare a second until my research was done. So I invited him over to watch a movie, which now I think is called 'Netflix and Chill.'”

    The guy agreed to come over to Brock’s apartment for a wine and movie night. Brock spent the better part of his afternoon prepping for all of the sex-plans he had in mind. Trimming, shaving, and douching; it was a total event.

    A few hours later, the hook-up date began. Even though Brock had every intention to at least give the impression that he was interested in the movie, his pent-up libido had other plans.

    “We started kissing about 10 minutes after he arrived, and that was it. My clothes were coming off, and it was going to happen. He seemed to be just as into it as me, so I just let go.”

    And they were off to a good start. It was fun sex. It was loud sex. It was… really aggressive sex.

    “I just kind of lost control. I was totally sober, but acting like a different person. I was talking dirty, slapping, spitting. I was just having fun with it.”

    Then, Brock climbed on top, bent back, and began riding his friend in a position and in a manner in which he had never done before.


    His partner screamed out in pain. Brock felt something pop inside of him. He jumped off and looked in down at his friend’s pelvis in horror. He had broken his dick.

    The sex was clearly over, and it was evident that his friend was in agonizing pain as he dressed. Hours later, Brock received a text from his sex-mate from the emergency room. Apparently, he had fractured his penis. He would be all right, but sex with the wild researcher was never going to happen again.

    Sometimes, you are the villain in your own movie. 

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    Kyle was staying with a friend in a one-bedroom apartment for a few weeks before the new school year began. And even though the space was limited, he wasn’t going to let it get in the way of having a little Grindr fun. After he and his friend finished smoking a bowl one night, his friend slipped on her eye-mask and went to sleep in the living room, leaving Kyle the bedroom for whatever dirty deeds me could find himself in.

    “I said good night, closed the bedroom door behind me, unlocked my phone, and slipped off my undies,” Kyle said. “And soon enough, I was unlocking the front door and inviting a recent UCLA graduate into my friend’s home, as she sweetly snored on her kitchen-side, queen-sized bed.”

    The lights went off and things began to heat up. Kyle usually was prepared for this type of situation – condoms, lube, more condoms – but his new surroundings had him off his hook-up game. But he remembered another friend had a bag at the house with some sexual accessories, so he decided to explore.

    So, with the lights off, he opened the closet door, ruffled around his friend’s duffle bag and retrieved a cool, cylindrical bottle of what he thought was lube. He opened, pointed in the general direction of his hand, and squeezed enough for both he and his naked new friend.

    “AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH! What kind of lube is this?” His friend yelled.

    It wasn’t lube at all. It was…. PEPPER SPRAY.

    Their eyes, mouth, nipples, penises and buttholes burned in a fiery mace-rage. The two spent the next hours in the bathroom, crying and washing, washing and crying, as they both tried to get rid of the sensation of burning flesh to go away from their genital region.

    The burning duo even jumped into the pool to quell the pain.

    "Mixing a pool with pepper spray is like jumping into a tub of acid," Kyle said.

    Nearly two hours later, the burning horror had subsided. And this story finally got its happy ending. In other words, they boned. 

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    Beware of Red Shoes!

    Trevor was supposed to look for the guy with red shoes at the gym. He had been chatting with a hot torso for a while, but had failed to convince him to send a photo of his face. But there he was, on the bench press, with bright red shoes and a smoking hot face to match the body. And even though Trevor found it odd that the guy wouldn’t share a picture of his face, he was up for whatever happened next.

    Later that night, the two had arranged to meet at Red Shoes’ house. Trevor didn’t really know what to expect, but the guy did seem as-nice-as-can-be and relatively normal sans face photo. But as he walked around Red Shoes’ townhouse, he noticed a regular face in all the photos that was probably the reason no face pic was shared. Red shoes had a boyfriend.

    “I pointed at the photo and asked who this guy was in the picture,” Trevor said, “and he just smiled and said, ‘you don’t mind, right?’ I wasn’t really sure if I did or didn’t, but I was already there, and he was hot. It was definitely a turn off, but not enough for me to leave just yet.”

    Red Shoes wasted no time and brought Trevor up to his room. He ripped his clothes off, he ripped Trevor’s clothes off, and he threw Trevor down on the bed.

    “The guy was hot and he had a huge dick,” Trevor said. “But there was something weird about it. I mean, I like it aggressive sometimes, but there was something uncomfortable about the way he was touching me.”

    Then, Red Shoes started to speak.

    Red Shoes: “I want to strangle you until you pass out.”

    Trevor: “Um… huh? I don’t know.”

    Red Shoes: “I want to punch you hard and make you pass out while I’m inside of you.”

    Trevor: “What? (Nervous laughter) I don’t think…”

    Red Shoes: “I want to make you bleed.”

    Trevor: “HUH?!?”

    Trevor realized that Red Shoes, a military guy, wasn’t just horny. He was bloodthirsty. 

    “I bolted. I didn’t know what else to do. I grabbed by clothes and ran for the door. This guy was crazy, and I didn’t want to leave with a black eye, or worse.”

    So for all you gay guys out there, beware of Red Shoes… unless you like that sort of thing.