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Meet Sony


Why I chose, “Authentic,” - it is because I live my life being true to who I am and there isn’t anyway better to live. I see the world and the person I have grown up to be as amazing, regardless, of the adversity I face and continue to face. As a result, that is why I chose to involve myself in HIV Equal’s campaign. I believe everyone should be treated equally and with respect. This cause exemplifies exactly that - to treat others as you would treat yourself.

I am currently an engineering student and work as an LGBT activist as well. I have the pleasure to work alongside the Provost, Dean of Students and Vice President of Student Affairs, as well as other faculty at my University in order to implement policy change, create a safe climate and promote inclusivity between faculty and LGBTQ students. Also, I work with LGBT Immigrants to provide them different kinds of help from counseling to a safe space to meet. I truly enjoy helping others and seeing everyone truly express their authentic selves. It makes me proud to be part of such an important cause and help change others perspectives in positive ways! What are you doing to help change this world in positive ways?