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Meet Robert



Laugh, travel, enjoy life...I am a patriot, volunteer, a musician, gypsy, brother, a son, a lover, and a friend. 
I am an HIV/STD Prevention Counselor and tend bar on weekends. Politics, concerts, languages, movies, theater, art, travel, hiking, new cities with old friends, kayaking, old cities with new friends, good beer, good food, good wine, peace, striving for a better world, honesty, volunteering, compassion, life, motorbikes, guitars, old-tyme stuff, clean air, weird plants, etc.

My current objective: Africa by my 33rd birthday.
I spend my summers living on an island and jumping off cliffs into random bodies of water in Europe.
I may never be wealthy, but I will lead a rich life.
I chose "evolving" because I am constantly growing and changing. I was very uneducated when it came to HIV in my younger years, now I educate communities, young and old about its past, present, and future.