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Meet Adriana & Jonny

Adriana & Jonny 

Adriana LeGlam is a staple NYC nightlife personality who hosts some of the most prestigious nightlife events. She has performed in numerous places across the country including; LA, New Orleans, Miami, etc. Adriana is also an accomplished and creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media & celebrity makeup: Fashion, Video and Print. With over eight plus years of industry experience, She has spent the last five working with ABC Network’s “THE VIEW”, as well as building her own business "LeGlam Beauty”.

Jonny Beat is an up and coming makeup artist & wig stylist, who is pushing boundaries with his philosophical approach to beauty. Jonny’s industry experience leads him to be well rounded in all aspects of makeup; Theatre, Bridal, Fashion, Video, & Print. He’s currently a contracted "Brand Ambassador" working throughout the northeast region.

What started out as an innocent compliment from one to another on a warm spring night lead to the unbreakable bond the couple share together. The couple says “We’re unbreakable because we’re patient, attentive, understanding and balanced. We believe having a balanced relationship is important. We keep each other’s personalities in check and openly communicate our wants and needs to each other.”  We are Unbreakable We are HIV equal. #hivequal #iamhivequal