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About Us

About HIV Equal

HIV Equal is a national multimedia campaign and online magazine that aims to end HIV stigma and promote HIV testing by creating a social art movement that changes the way people think about HIV and which reopens the national dialogue about the virus.

The concept of the HIV Equal campaign was created by World Health Clinicians. The campaign photos include people from all walks of life who support the concept that regardless of one’s HIV status, we are all equally valuable.

About HIV Equal Online

The HIV Equal Online Magazine is a globally syndicated Web publication, and serves as a centralized hub for news, feature stories, video content and other multimedia projects related to HIV. The news site is entering the market as a shared resource of original content and syndicated news from other sites. It features news and views from a variety of contributors in an effort to bring a diverse spectrum of information and opinions on education, HIV prevention and awareness.

HIV Equal and HIV Equal Online are supported by World Health Clinicians, Inc. (WHC), which is a U.S.-based non-profit 501(c)(3) humanitarian organization founded in January, 2011 to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases in the developed and developing worlds.